NOVA Security Group

Bridging the Gaps in Intermediate Force Options.

Nova Security Group is a Proprietary Electronics Company with a 25 year history. We manufacture, distribute, and certify the use of our specialized “Less Lethal Electronics” products for Law Enforcement. We are the ORIGINATORS of Stun Technology. Nova Security Group is currently manufacturing, and improving, the following products: Nova RACC Belt, Nova RACC Transport Vest, Nova RACC Court Vest, Nova Stun Shields (in a variety of sizes) and the Nova Spirit Handheld Unit. Beware of other companies who claim to make or sell the RACC Belt, RACC Vest, Stun Shields and the Nova Spirit Handheld Unit. We are the Originators of Electrical Stun Technology, selling our products through a single distributor. We are OFTEN IMITATED, however, NEVER DUPLICATED. Imitation products can leave your agency exposed to serious, and often times, expensive risks of Liability and Litigation. Obtaining your RACC Belt, RACC Vest, Stun Shields and Training from the Originator and Manufacturer of the technology just makes sense. Be sure to have your staff trained. The “TRAINING” page has a list of currently scheduled classes for Instructor Training.


Our products use a patented electrical pulse technology that can be deployed in a variety of Law Enforcement environments, including, but not limited to; Corrections, High Risk Inmate Movement, Inmate Transport, Court Services and Patrol. We believe that Use of Force, when appropriate, can be a calculated implementation of a variety of Intermediate Force Options which should reduce your exposure and risk of liability and litigation.

An investment in the appropriate technologies, such as the Nova RACC Belt, Nova RACC Vest, Nova Stun Shields and the Nova Spirit Handheld Unit, coupled with proper training and a calculated approach to problem solving can yield Return on Investment results in your next Use of Force Situation, possibly by preventing the Use of Force from happening!! 

Do Not Hesitate to contact us, TODAY, to discuss your agencies needs. We stand ready to support you.


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