About Us

History and Vision of Nova Security Group


Less Lethal Electronics

Nova Security Group is a proprietary electronic company with a 25 year history. We manufacture, distribute, and certify the use of our specialized “less lethal electronics” products for Law Enforcement. Our products use a patented electrical pulse technology that can be deployed in a variety of Law Enforcement environments.

Our products are used on the streets as an alternative means of lethal force to control unruly individuals. These products are also used in institutional environments where firearms may be prohibited. Some products are used for control and injury reduction inside of institutions when dealing with inmates. Others are used for control during transport for medical or other situations, and to ensure the safety of the public and those in the judicial system when certain dangerous defendants are in courtrooms. Nova sells its products to Law Enforcement nationwide, trains and certifies Law Enforcement trainers on use of the equipment. We have a nationwide network of trainers. We have a number of new products being developed that have patents pending. We also handle all aspects of our business from product conception, to product development, manufacturing, distribution, training and certification, and repairs.


Nova’s mission is to provide products and training to reduce injury to Law Enforcement officers and to protect the public through use of electronic force. We believe the presentation and deployment of our products may reduce your risk of exposure to liability and litigation.

Corporate Culture

We believe that corporate culture determines the long term success of a company. We believe in honesty and fair treatment of all personnel, all vendors and all customers. Law Enforcement and Corrections are our primary customers, thus we are obligated to strive for excellence because our customers are dependent on us to properly train them and to provide reliable products and service. We believe in creating jobs for fellow citizens, thus we make every attempt to buy electronic components and other components from USA manufacturers and we assemble our products in the USA.

Origin of Nova

Nova began with the conception of a single product. The vision was to offer the public a humane and affordable electronic weapon for self protection. The use of deadly force is not an acceptable option for the average person and in most cases it is not needed, thus Nova developed a means of less lethal defense that would not cause permanent harm to the assailant. The so called “hand held stun gun” was invented by Nova in 1983 based on John Cover’s patent of the TASER (The acronym TASER was coined by Cover from the book “Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle” ) The word TASER is a registered trademark of Taser International, Inc.

The Future of Nova


The Company owns patents on its products, including multiple patents on the RACC Belt. (Remotely Activated Custody Control) The company has patents pending for a new generation of the RACC belt, a new generation of the Electronic Shield and for several products that are currently in the prototype stage of development. NOVA Security Group vigorously protects and defends our trademark, product design and reputation. If you are aware of a company imitating the NOVA name or product, please contact us immediately. We do not want an officer or agency to be at risk, due to purchasing and using an inferior product.

Mature & Expanding Market

We service an industry that is mature, expanding and, unfortunately due to expanding crime, is somewhat recession proof. The industry must expand regardless of budget cuts. In our opinion, the tightening of budgets is one of several factors that will encourage some agencies to use our products over those that are more expensive to operate. The Operational Cost for any use of force tool, used by Law Enforcement, includes the cost per application, the cost of reporting the application, and potentially the medical cost of transport and treatment. If the product is inferior, improperly implemented or results in an unpredictable / unintended injury  leaving you unnecessarily exposed to liability and litigation, the costs can be even greater !!!



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