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Nova Security Group is continuing to work on our website: http://www.NovaSG-USA.com to increase our web presence and improve the features we have built in for you. Whether you searching for solutions to reduce your risk during High Risk Inmate Transport and Court Services Details, need Service and Support or Instructor Training we have options to meet your needs.

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We have become aware of other companies that are trying to “pass off” their products as RACC Belts and RACC Vests and the Spirit Handheld Unit. Beware of these companies. If they are unscrupulous enough to sell you an imitation product, how forthright and supportive will they be if you have a Critical Incident. Nova Security Group is the Originator of the base Stun Technology used in ALL CEWs on the market today.


NOVA Security Group announces partnership with Less Lethal LLC as Sole Distributor

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Nova Security Group has partnered with Less Lethal LLC. as our EXCLUSIVE SALES & SERVICE DISTRIBUTOR, for all of our NOVA Products. Whether your looking for R.A.C.C. BeltsR.A.C.C. Vests, Stun Shields, Handheld Stun Devices or Accessories feel free to contact them for the ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICING….GUARANTEED !!!! 

There is no need to obtain multiple quotes for Nova Security Groups Products. Less Lethal LLC. has a Sole Source Distributorship with our company.


We have found the Service, Reliability and Post-Sale Support of Less Lethal LLC. to be FAR SUPERIOR to other distributors !!!

Nov. 10, 2014

We at Nova Security Group are very excited that you reached out to us! As you may have heard, the original entities that perpetuated NSG’s growth and development are now actively working towards the company’s ascension to a client driven point of excellence. In our perspective, the Officers and agencies we serve should always come first. It is our Driving Vision to strive for excellence in implementing  that philosophy, in any circumstance.

We would like to give you a little insight as to how Nova is developing, in regards to it’s approach to training. NOVA has recently brought additional Master Instructors on board.  One of the new Master Instructors, in particular, is Mike Forrest. Some of you may have had the privilege to attend a PepperBall Instructor Course in which he was the primary instructor. He employes an excellent presentation style and can certainly hold the student’s interest while adhering to the material that was germane to the subject matter. Mike’s training style is phenomenal and his dedication to the implementation of Reality Based Scenario Training brings real world applications in to the classroom. When I attended one of his PepperBall Instructor courses, his ability to adapt the Hands-On portion in to Scenario Training was seamless, and focused on the particular needs of those agencies in attendance.  The scenarios were specifically adapted to address the situations the attendees have been dealing with in their respective agencies. We are confident you will be trained well and prepared to return to your agency and conduct an End User Course after attending a class with Mike.

We are actively working on enhancing our current curriculum to build a training program that is both progressive and intuitive. There has been a great deal of change in our presentation, as you can probably imagine, since the last time we presented in your state. In response to some of the questions we have recently received, yes we will work with you on future training dates that coincide with your needs. Our course is now a two day presentation. Attending both days is mandatory as we believe, similar to other Electronic Solutions companies, each instructor should be well versed on our entire product line. This will allow you, the instructor, to train any other officer as an End User on any product in the Nova Security Group product lin. The new curriculum will focus the majority of the first day on  classroom based Cognitive Learning, to include legal updates. The second day primarily focuses on practical (Hands on) implementation, deployment and will encompass all products, including Reality Based Scenarios.

In regards to future recertification, we are developing a few options for our clients. Currently, Nova strongly urges that Instructors attend recertification training every 3 years, by attending a course presented by a Nova Master Instructor. Attendance in a Recertification  Course, if a Certified Instructor Status cane be verified, will be at a discounted price. We also recommend that Users/Operators that utilize our products, within their perspective agencies, attend internal recertification annually. This level of training would be presented by a Nova certified Instructor. We are also considering a potential online recertification program for  Instructors in the future.

The training division is one of our primary focuses. The instructors that we have selected are experts in their field. They all have prior corrections experience, law enforcement experience or both. I am very anxious to meet with you in the future. I am also anxious for you to meet the other members of our team.

–Brian Dillard