FREEDOM Handheld Stun Device

Freedom – Stun Device XR-5000

Freedom Stun Device

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this technology is to provide the public with less lethal self defense and to provide Law Enforcement with a tool that can be used in scenarios where minimal less lethal force is required.

  • A product that has been used by law enforcement and the public for over 25 years – the original “stun gun.”
  • Self protection for individuals through “stand-off” intimidation or direct application
  • Provides Law Enforcement with less lethal force in a compact and easy to use configuration
  • Can be used in a number of scenarios by Law Enforcement when minimal less lethal force is required
  • Proven technology used over one million times with documented medical and field studies



  • Simple rocker switch for activation
  • Uses standard 9 volt batteries that are readily available
  • Utilizes proven and documented NOVA XR-5000 stun technology


  • Provides self defense for the public
  • Can avoid some conflicts through intimidation
  • Easy to use less lethal for Law Enforcement

Current Users of the XR-5000

Nova was founded based on this product. Millions of these units have been sold to the public. Within months of this product arriving in the market, over 600 law enforcement agencies were using the product – this soon became thousands of agencies.