SPIRIT Handheld Stun Device – Law Enforcement Only


Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this technology is to provide the public with less lethal self defense and to provide Law Enforcement with a tool that can be used in scenarios where minimal less lethal force is required. This is the only ERD (electronic restraint device) that is currently being manufactured exclusive for Law Enforcement

  • Used by law enforcement and the public for over 20 years – a variation on the original “stun gun”
  • Self protection for individuals through “stand-off” intimidation or direct application
  • Provides Law Enforcement with less lethal force in a compact and easy to use configuration
  • Can be used in a number of scenarios by Law Enforcement when minimal less lethal force is required
  • Proven technology used over one million times with documented medical and field studies


  • Simple rocker switch for activation
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Powered by a long life lithium battery that will activate the unit several hundred times
  • Utilizes proven and documented NOVA XR-5000 stun technology
  • Can produce up to 75,000 volts with open air resistance
  • Rounded probes to prevent cuts
  • Factory certification of Instructors available
  • This unit comes with a one-year warranty


  • A tool designed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement
  • Provides self defense for the public
  • Can avoid some conflicts through intimidation
  • Easy to use less lethal for Law Enforcement

Current Users of the Police Special

Thousands of Law Enforcement departments have used this product over the past 20 years.