Nova RACC Belt (Remotely Activated Custody & Control)


  • Inner and outer belt manufactured of durable elastic nylon
  • Integrated locking system secures device to individual
  • Light-weight
  • Fits up to 52″ waist
  • Remote dual activation transmitter
  • Range: up to 300 feet
  • Volts: 50,000

The primary purpose of this technology is to protect the rights of the defendant during transport while at the same time protecting officers, juries, judges, and civilians. Further, the judicial system is exposed to substantial liability if a defendant injuries or kills anyone during transport. This technology greatly reduces this liability exposure during transport to courtrooms, facility transport, and transport for medical and other reasons. Deaths and/or injuries have occurred during the transport of criminals which could have been prevented at a very low cost.


  • Dual activation switch to help prevent accidental activation
  • Up to 300 feet line of sight transmission range
  • Audible signal to indicate activation
  • Rechargeable or Lithium battery, sufficient for  multiple activations
  • Power indicator light
  • Key switch to turn power off and on
  • Low profile for concealment on wearer, to: Worn over clothing or concealed under clothing
  • Integrated locking system secures device to individual
  • Patented fourth generation product that utilizes proven and documented NOVA XR-5000 stun technology


  • Reduces risks and enhances safety during the transport of prisoners to court, medical treatment, and between facilities
  • Reduces liability of judicial systems in the area of prisoner transport. to: Reduces liability pertaining to judicial systems

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