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Nova Security Group is continuing to work on our website: http://www.NovaSG-USA.com to increase our web presence and improve the features we have built in for you. Whether you searching for solutions to reduce your risk during High Risk Inmate Transport and Court Services Details, need Service and Support or Instructor Training we have options to meet your needs.

We have added the following key phrases to help with search engine: Nova Security Group, Police Protection, RACC Belt, RACC Vest, Stun Shield and Inmate Transport.


We have become aware of other companies that are trying to “pass off” their products as RACC Belts and RACC Vests and the Spirit Handheld Unit. Beware of these companies. If they are unscrupulous enough to sell you an imitation product, how forthright and supportive will they be if you have a Critical Incident. Nova Security Group is the Originator of the base Stun Technology used in ALL CEWs on the market today.